Flash Storage



Wifi G/N

and Bluetooth

Simple to Use

Fridgehacker is easy to use and install. It magnetically attaches to your fridge door.

Basic setup

  1. Plug your fridge into the included wireless power outlet
  2. Plug the wireless power outlet into the same wall socket you normally plug your fridge into
  3. Place Fridgehacker on the exterior of your fridge's door, and plug in the included power adapter
  4. Plug the power adapter into any standard wall outlet
  5. Hang the Fridgehacker sensor wire over your fridge's door, so that it's on the interior of the fridge door when closed
Download the app for iOS and Android, and you're ready to go!

Fridgehacker can also support more advanced setups. You can easily add a humidifier, UV lights, ventilation, heat, dehumidifiers and more

Fridgehacker installed on a fridge

Expand & Extend

Expanding Fridgehacker is easy. Just add another wireless power switch. You can control UV lights, a humidifier, a dehumidifier, and ventilation - from the app. With Fridgehacker's open API and documentation, it's easy for developers to extend Fridgehacker's functionality and control even more.

Multiple Fridgehacker wireless power control switches

Home Curing, Made Easy

Fridgehacker takes the guess work out of curing. We've personally made and tested dozens of recipes. Just follow our in-app recipes and setup guides, and you'll be making incredible bresaola, prosciutto, and lonzino at home.

Bresaola made by Fridgehacker